Source Says Indian Idol 5 2010 Looks Like Having Fake (TRP) Audition

Okey guys, we reached at Noida at 7 AM. There was over 1 kms long line. For first 1 hours things were running cool. I played the guitar and my group sang songs. After a few mins many people started to join us. We made a huge gathering. But problem started when participants start pushing and after a few movements people started to break barricade made of iron. My group was near the main gate suddenly people started to push us and boooooom the 15 feet iron gate broke down and police and bouncers started to run for there lives. A few people could not hold the impact and fell down and run over by others resulting dozens got hurt and a sikh guy broke his leg below knee. We too started to run towards registration gates. At the gate police was beating participants with LATHICHARGE.  We were not hurt as we were not in line but police was acting very cruel. Innocent guys were the victims. There was huge mismanagement.

Anyways one of our source told us not a single person will be selected as they have already selected. So guys i bet none of you and other will be selcted. Audition is just going on  for TRP and to show poularity and strenght of this show. Its absolute waste of time for ordinary peoples.

See The Crowed

See the crowed I just seen the news on TV that many got hurt due to mismanagement and lathicharge.

A view of line from Registration Place.

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  1. Rahul says:

    Dear Friiends,
    Indian idol is totally bullshit and scripted so this is a request not to waste your time.
    Please concentrate on your studies.

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