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India's First Hybrid Car On Road

(Sapna, The Dream Car)


I always wanted to do something different what never has been done what people don't believe. First about a few month ago i was just got through electrolysis process in which water was dividing into HHO. So i thought to use that technology to create on demand hydrogen. I am right now working on my first version of hydrogen on demand system. Its even hard to survive with this kind of goals on which people simply laugh and give a damn to your thought. Anyways nothing stopped me. 100s of people know and just one had confidence on me. Lets see this kid will shine dad's name in the world.... When Buddy ? ....... Just be with me.


Key Benefits of my system:-

>>>Absolutely safe for the environment


>>>Burns three times more potently than fossil fuel

 >>>One of the most prevalent elements on Earth

 >>>HHO gas is safer, easier and costs a whole lot less than more commonly used commercial gasses

>>>It has no toxic fumes nor ultra-violet

>>>It has no soot, it has no order or color.

>>>The residual gas turns back into water, pure water that you can drink!


 >>>Increase fuel efficiency 20% to 85% (In the first stage we are looking for 20% to 30% Mileage Increase)


The First Test Will Be Conducted In April 2008 First Week On My Loving Car "1996 Daewoo Cielo"


Progress Report

Started working on the idea on papers a few month ago.

12 March 2008

Succeeded in the idea for bubbler for hydrogen generator. Finally brought the main bubbler unit casing as desired. (Very common household thing ;) )


14 March 2008

Bolts and nuts as desired achieved

Failed to get nylon bolts which will be used to hold the steel plates in line.

Failed to get hi G stainless steel in my area.


15 March 2008

Got Desired Grade Stainless Steel

Got it cut to fit in the bubbler.

But no fabricator is capable of cutting those plate as fine as i desired to pass cells alternately. I was told by My Mechanical advisor Mr. Sandhu to cut those manually with hammer and blade. woooooo its gonna be so hard need a break...............



26 March 2008

Steel cutting with the help of fabricator Sandeep Kumar



29 March 2008


Finalizing steel plates

Steel plates finally ready


Plates assembled

Website launched

30 March 2008

Generated hydrogen-night

Bubbler assembly ready-evening

Hydrogen not mapped in volume bar having around 8-10 AMP but other conditioning (3 hours) expected to work rather good

31 March 2008

Brought electronic stuff for EFIE & AFR Meter


Till 2 AM tried to assemble EFIE & AFR both incomplete due to loss of few resistance and capacitors

1 April 2008

Brought few components again to complete Air Fuel Ratio Meter -ready afternoon


Currently Involved Peoples:

Inventor: Rohan Bhardwaj

Designer and Mechanical Advisor : Satvinder Singh Sandhu

Website Designers: Latika & Nandani