Gone To Protest Against Arrest Of Anna Hazare

It was a height of stupidity of govt to arrest Anna Hazare just because he is planning to go on indefinite hunger strike. I given SMS today to all my friend list and found that out of 100 only 3 were ready to join me to protest at Pragati Maidan. One of my PAIPA mate Ankit and few of his friends. After giving arrest at Pragati Maidan Metro station police dropped us few KMs away. We again went to India Gate where i co-incidentally metĀ  10 years old buddy of mine “Ravinder” .. We as a team with around 200 people protested at India Gate till late Night.


I urge all of you please support Anna Hazare as this is last chance for us. If govt managed to deface this movementĀ  like BABA Ramdev’s then no one will ever dare to come against corruption again. Wake up…



We will be part of Candle March From India Gate To Jantar Mantar @ 17th Aug. Join us

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