A Very Happy Holi To You All

So here comes the Holika again. When it comes to Holi I remember a time when I first played Holi by myself. When I was 4 year old due to some personal problems just me and dad were living together. Dad brought me Holi stuff a day before. I spent whole night in filling water balloons. In the morning i went out to check if people started the colorful festival or not. I stepped outside and boom a big balloon done UDHGHATAN of Holi with me. In full swing i went back and brought whole bucket of balloons and started throwing on that Sikh guy. My innocence and that Sardarji ruined my all night MEHNAT. He blown all my balloons …. You know where ????? On me !!!!!!!!! No mom no sister I cried for hours. When dad wake up they filled balloons for me and taught how to play Holi.

Dad fixed everything that hurdled in my life. My dad loves me more then anything he ever loved in his whole life. I don’t know what he sees in me. Some sons become Doctor, some Engg, some IPS but me .. just a graduate. Dad never expected anything from me nor demanded but I know dad you must have some dreams for me. I am sorry for being absolutely worthless dadji.


Dad and me on the day of my Mundan.

Parents are more then God sooner or later everyone learn that but don’t let it too late. Remember the times when you needed them. On this Holi spread happiness not only with the outer world but with your parents too. Make them feel special…love them.  Spend as much as time you can with them.


2 Responses to “A Very Happy Holi To You All”

  1. neha says:

    m very happy 2 see u lyk dis……god bless u n keep smiling Rohan..its suts u ..so smile plz :)

  2. NEHA says:

    hi Rohan m very happy 2 see all dis thngs…may god bless u n keep smiling………bcz its suits u …..so smile plz :) may god bless u n full fill ur all ur wishes…….. :)

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