Some Feedback From Indian Idol 5 2010 Funny And Shocking

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  1. Arsh says:

    it was very bad experience to go to indian idol auditions at delhi..sir i m a professional singer.. i have done m.a and b.ed in music..i have won many competitions i also have won a gold medal in i cant bear all this which happened with me on the draem broke up sir..and m really disappointed..nw i decided that i will never go for any audititon i is all over

  2. admin says:

    I suggest you to make a group / band and do something. Dont take these type of auditions seriously most are pre decided and make audition public just for TRP. Dont get disappointed. I know many guys who worth going in finals but kicked out in screening (Not even first round). So get back to practice and do something by making band and recording cds of your own. Let me know if i can help you in more. Goodluck.

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