Questions & Ans Of Common Queries Regarding Indian Idol

Ive got many questions i have selected a few common questions with answers.

Q) Can i come without registration code ?

Ans:  No . (Okey i get update from internal source that everyone will get chance even if not registered … You can take a chance. If there will be any possibility my group will come to rescue you.)

Q) Can i come without audition code ?

Ans: Yes . You can get audition code there.

Q) What documents will i need there ?

Ans: DOB proof  &  If you have any photo of you (passport)

Q) Can i come at 12 pm on 9th to get in audition ?

Ans: Dont be stupid. Come as early as you can. 6 or 7 AM

Q) Can i come with my parents ?

Ans: Sure but they can not come inside the gate.

Q) How long will it take to get my turn ?

Ans: Spare your whole day from early morning.

Q) How much rounds of audition will be there in first stage.

Ans: 3

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  1. neer says:

    In third question…no DOB or pics are required in first rounds
    in last question there were 2 rounds :)

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