7th And Final Visit To Shanidham Kokilavan

We started at 8 PM from Faridabad Haryana and had a stoppage at Sri C.M. Dhaba Located a few Kms before Uttar Pradesh Border. From Mathura Road its 9.8 Kms and except starting patch road is worst. We reached 2130 Hours and done 7 Koos (3.5 Kms) parikrama in 45 mins and had a lovely darshan at 2330 hours. There was no line no crowed at that time.

Kokilavan Shanidham Shanidev

Kokilavan Shanidham Shanidev

After we had a dinner at our fav spot Shyam Dhaba which is near Manav Rachna University soon after Palwal Toll Plaza. Here is a few snaps taken with our Fav cook Mahesh.

Lale & Mahesh

Lale & Mahesh

Mahesh & Me

Mahesh & Me

Finally Got Bessings of Shanidev

8 Responses to “7th And Final Visit To Shanidham Kokilavan”

  1. Bobby says:

    bhaiya yaar humse se mil lo kabhi ab konsi new gang bana li aapne mein to inmein se kisi ko nahi janta

  2. Sumit Kalia says:

    I visited kokilavan shani dham few years back and i think my wishes came true … i went there 3 times and i want o go again…


  3. admin says:

    Thats would be great. I will too start next round of visit soon.

  4. ranjana says:

    Is it a very famous temple and when going from gurgaon what map should be followed

  5. Anurag says:

    where is shani dham located exactly could you please tell me.
    Im coming from bombay(mumbai)

  6. admin says:

    Shani Dham is near Kosi (Mathura). If you want i can post a map for you.

  7. varinder says:

    if i come from punjab ,,,wher is shanni dev mandir can u send mi locasion e——-plz send me add—

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