5th Visit To Kokilavan Shani Dham

9:30 i left from Agra and met lale and his gang at kosi. I had my guitar and bags with me while i was having darshan. In que people keep demanding for a song and we played rubaru at que. Enjoyed the visit.

Here are pics taken midway on my first visit

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  1. ramesh chand says:

    last month i also visit kosi shani temple i see that there is no management to see the mandir there were only money maker.their is no any arrangement for pilgrims for staying, the waste of all puja material spread very bad condition if any one take the responsibility like shani dham that is also make a good place

  2. admin says:

    You are right Ramesh. It has no management. I even see some localite running there cars to parikrama. No police noting. I hope there will be batter arrangements someday.

  3. Anurag says:

    The person sitting down is looking very charming. Can you guide me for Kokila Van (Shanidham). Iwish to visit there.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Anurag , yes he is , thank you. Please let me know where are you from so that i can guide you.

  5. NEHA says:

    GOD BLESS U Rohan :)

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