Visit To Kokilavan

After a long gap of years I made up with god again. So a long pending visit to Kokilavan has materialized. We started from Faridabad at 1700 Hours and took a break a few kms from Hodal – UP Border. Took a few photographs with Lale’s friend Sahil.

A few lines about Temple…………

The famous Shani Dev Temple, also known as Kokilavan Dham, at Kosi Kalan near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh is believed to be the spot where Lord Krishna gave darshan to Sani Dev (God Shani). The temple is visited by thousands of devotees on Saturday (Shanivar), the day dedicated to Lord Shani. There is an interesting story associated with Lord Krishna and Shani Dev and the Kokilavan Dham.

Legend has it that when Lord Krishna was born all Devas (demi gods) visited Nandagaon. Shani Dev too came to see little Krishna but Yashoda did not let him see young Krishna. Reason Shanidev might bring bad upon Krishna.

Shani felt disappointed and went to a nearby forest and started performing austerities (tapas). He wanted to know why he was being sidelined when he is doing his duty of punishing people according to their Karma. It is said that Shani only creates trouble on those people who do bad Karma.

Moved by Shani’s plight, Lord Krishna appeared before him in the forest and asked him to stay near Nandagaon. He also granted him the boon that whoever visited his temple will be immediately freed from troubles.

In his teenage, Krishna visited the same spot and attracted gopis with the music from this flute. When the gopis arrived, Krishna appeared in the form of a Koyal (Cuckoo). That spot came to be known as Kokilavan.

Kokilavan Dham is spread over an area of 20 acres and consists of the Shani Dev Temple, Sri Dev Bihariji Temple, Gokulesh Maharaj Temple, Giriraj Temple, Navgraha Temples and Barkhandi Baba temple. There are two large pools and a Goshala (cow shelter) in the compound.

The Kokilavan Shani Temple is just six km from Kosi on the Nandgaon-Barsana road.

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  1. gaurav agrawal says:

    i m from kosi
    i have visited shanidev

    this is a really very good place .

    i like the ethical story of shanidev ..
    keep writting

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