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Indian Idol 5 2010 Mumbai Auditions Venue

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Indian Idol 5 2010 Mumbai Auditions Venue has been fixed.
Andheri Sports complex, Veera Desai Marg, Andheri (West), Mumbai.

Best of luck to all of you.

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Thursday, March 18th, 2010

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Indian Idol 5 2010 Audition Stampede Video

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

See how participants run away after being crushed.

Some Feedback From Indian Idol 5 2010 Funny And Shocking

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Disappointment For Indian Idol 5 2010 Aspirants At Noida

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Indian Idol auditions: minting talent or minting money?

Though they were enthusiastic and thrilled when they heard that Sony will have Indian Idol auditions in Noida for the 1st time, the Indian Idol aspirants were in for disappointment, when they reached the venue in Noida at Expo centre, sector 62.

Most of the people, who had reached the venue a day before to get enrolled for the contest felt cheated, as they were forced to leave the venue without even giving the audition.

While many commented it’s just a money-making gimmick, many seemed agitated with the treatment hurled at them.

When we reached the venue to quiz the contestants, we were shocked to see the plight of the participants, while many had fainted; many were resting on the footpaths, waiting for the auditions to take place.

The poor aspirants were literally fooled when they were asked to comeback after a week to give the audition, when the final round will actually take place day after tomorrow.

The auditions turned dramatic, when the venue got over-crowded and few Indian Idol wannabes broke their bones, however sadly the venue didn’t even have an emergency ambulance parked outside, in case more casualties occurred.

While on one hand the aspirants were thrilled to see the anchors Abhijeet Sawant and Prajakta Shukre, on the other hand they were left disappointed when they were told that only unknown people will be judging them, as celebrity judges will be arriving here on the 11th of March.

An aspirant from Ludhiana named Pankaj was left in tears when his Indian Idol dream was shattered, after he was denied entry even after waiting outside the venue for 10 long hours.

Another aspirant Kiran, who is a trained singer, feels the system of unknown judges approving the contestants is unjustified.

After hearing the complaints of all the aspirants, we were forced to think whether this format of the contest is really a money-making gimmick or not.

The format requires the common man to call on the channel phone numbers mentioned on the website www., in a bid to get registered, each call costs nothing less than 25 bucks for meager 2 minutes.

When the contestants, who had wasted ample amount of money on just getting registered for the contest, reached the venue they were sadly forced to leave with a grim face after being told that they will be called back after a week.

However the truth is the final round will take place on 11th of March.

The venue witnessed a zillion broken hearts: a mother-daughter duo from Bhilai, who were left disappointed after being denied entry, a man from Andhra Pradesh, whose Indian Idol dream failed to see the light.

Source Says Indian Idol 5 2010 Looks Like Having Fake (TRP) Audition

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Okey guys, we reached at Noida at 7 AM. There was over 1 kms long line. For first 1 hours things were running cool. I played the guitar and my group sang songs. After a few mins many people started to join us. We made a huge gathering. But problem started when participants start pushing and after a few movements people started to break barricade made of iron. My group was near the main gate suddenly people started to push us and boooooom the 15 feet iron gate broke down and police and bouncers started to run for there lives. A few people could not hold the impact and fell down and run over by others resulting dozens got hurt and a sikh guy broke his leg below knee. We too started to run towards registration gates. At the gate police was beating participants with LATHICHARGE.  We were not hurt as we were not in line but police was acting very cruel. Innocent guys were the victims. There was huge mismanagement.

Anyways one of our source told us not a single person will be selected as they have already selected. So guys i bet none of you and other will be selcted. Audition is just going on  for TRP and to show poularity and strenght of this show. Its absolute waste of time for ordinary peoples.

See The Crowed

See the crowed I just seen the news on TV that many got hurt due to mismanagement and lathicharge.

A view of line from Registration Place.

Whole Night Practice For Indian Idol Audition 5 2010

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

We all gathered at Chirags place and help in practice to 11 of our other friends. Night was a fun till 3 AM we rocked.

6AM we were out to Noida audition as per our promise to boos

Chirag, Nishat, Ankit, Aakash, Rohit, Gaurav, Rahul & Myself Were available with our instuments.

Questions & Ans Of Common Queries Regarding Indian Idol

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Ive got many questions i have selected a few common questions with answers.

Q) Can i come without registration code ?

Ans:  No . (Okey i get update from internal source that everyone will get chance even if not registered … You can take a chance. If there will be any possibility my group will come to rescue you.)

Q) Can i come without audition code ?

Ans: Yes . You can get audition code there.

Q) What documents will i need there ?

Ans: DOB proof  &  If you have any photo of you (passport)

Q) Can i come at 12 pm on 9th to get in audition ?

Ans: Dont be stupid. Come as early as you can. 6 or 7 AM

Q) Can i come with my parents ?

Ans: Sure but they can not come inside the gate.

Q) How long will it take to get my turn ?

Ans: Spare your whole day from early morning.

Q) How much rounds of audition will be there in first stage.

Ans: 3

Message From Nishat Mallick, Winner of Beg borrow steal Season 5

Saturday, March 6th, 2010
Nishat Mallick, Winner of Beg borrow steal Season 5 , says all the best for all the participant of Indian Idol.
You must know that he himself is also a very good singer and to cheer you guys and entertain you , he will be available at the venue as well !!!
To chat with Nishat:
He Says: “Best of luck Guys and gals and we want a Winner from our OWN DELHI…”

Delhi Auditions Venue

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

International Expo Center,

Expo Drive

A 11, Sector 62,

Noida Uttar Pradesh – 201301

Official Timing: 12 PM to 5 PM

Date: 9th March & 10th March 2010

But you must have to come early morning or you wont get your chance of audition.

Anyone needs to ask anything about venue. Please use comments to query. Ill be glad to help you.

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