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One More Visit To Fatehgarh Churiya

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Its a place where is spent few days of my childhood. My bua and uncle. After a year gap i had a revisit i met a cousion resemble to Bobby Deol isnt he ?

I found a Baba sleeping at Amritsar station with his legs hanging in air hehe


Returned  on 23rd Aug 2009.

Finally Back To Home Network

Friday, August 14th, 2009

27 July morning we started back from the same train and same compartment and same seat. Coinsident and we had some of same pessengers.

We enjoyed a lot and took fun out of every second.

Reached Gurdaspur

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

So after having stuck 2 hours at Batala station due to single line railway track we reached 2 hours late at Gurdaspur Station from where Mannu (Cousin Brother) come to receive us. Before going home we had Golgappa Tikki from a rehdi wala bhiya. After having dinner Buaji arranged first floor for us till we are here. Next morning Mannu and Shelly took us to Gym at 6 Am. I have seen those guys picking 120 Kgs commonly and me and Lale having 20 Kgs 😛 . Well so i decided to competitive with them and picked 60 Kgs and made a set of 10.

After getting home i started to walk like a mentally retarded because of pain in my hands and legs he he he Punjabi wala kaam nahi karnege to Punjabi koun bolega. Jo Bole Sonihal Sat Sri Aakal.

Anyways we planed to have bath at Dam. Mannu and Shally Jumped from 20 feet high wall into the river and asked us to jump too but we dared not. Then Mannu paji came and thrown me into the river. That gave me courage to jump by myself so i jumped and broke my little fingere of left feet. Again i proved a true Punjabi.Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh | So till now i am having taste of that 20 feet jump in my left feet. Rest of the trip I spend using my one leg.

Trip To Gurdaspur & Batala

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Its 23rd July night 9PM. We (Lale & Me) were taking about Punjab and in another 5 mins we made a plan to Punjab Gurdaspur. I booked tickets from of Delhi Pathankot Express. All done in an hour. We left to Old Delhi station early morning on 24th July and as usual we were late but thanks to Indian Railway train was too late for 10 mins so we made up. All the seats were empty our co-pressenger Sardarji told that this train will go empty till the last station he he he. It was first time that Lale and me were alone and Didi let him go without her that far.