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Welcome To My Blog

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Well i thought to start a blog with some updates about myself and my water car HHO project. Editing site every few days using FTP is not possible for me so blog is good for me.

My hobbies are music, driving, surfing & exploring extra terrestrial and supernatural. .

Qualification is just a Graduate from Delhi University. Sometimes i feel that i should have studied more.

Working on this cyber world for last 11 years. I know many programming language and scripting. Like c,c++, java, VB,, Delphi, Python,  perl, cgi, php, javascript, asp & jsp.

I have some mechanical and electronics interests also which i am utilizing in my water car now.

I love my family more then anything in the world.

So lets publish and start this blog. Thanks for reading and taking interest.